image for Misawa River

Misawa River

Every year at the beginning of April a Sakura-Japanese Pear Festival is held in the car park of city hall, this is the main event but the pride of the
image for Kiso Horse - Mother foal Tour

Kiso Horse - Mother foal Tour

“Hana-chan” is a Kiso foal of a breed of horse that has existed in Japan since long ago and which has been designated as a natural monument. They orig
image for Ootsuka Farm

Ootsuka Farm

Who knows there is a farm in Inagi City, only 30 minutes train ride from Shinjuku?
You can tour in the cowshed and see cows, sheep, and rabbits.
You c
image for North Green Park

North Green Park

Situated by Tama River, North Green Park is a long and narrow park along with the river. From upstream, there are several zones such as gate ball fiel
image for Kasayato Shinsui Park

Kasayato Shinsui Park

Kasayato Shinsui Park was opened in 2005 as a water park where people can enjoy the nature and play with water around Kasayato River which runs at the
image for Arigata-yama stone pagodas

Arigata-yama stone pagodas

On the hillside slope at the south of Myokaku-ji (Myokaku temple) in Yanokuchi, there lies stone pagodas called “Arigata-yama”.
More than 4000 of ston
image for Yomiuri V-Street, Road to Giants

Yomiuri V-Street, Road to Giants

The slope to the Giants Stadium from Keio Yomiuri Land Station on Keio-Sagamihara line is called “Yomiuri V-Street”.
Giants baseball players’ hand pri
image for Yomiuri Land

Yomiuri Land

“Yomiuri Land” is a perfect place for families all around the year. It’s a real exciting amusement park with newly opened “Good job attractions” in 20