image for Tama Beekeeping Garden

Tama Beekeeping Garden

A honey store on the street from a traditional arcade of Benten Street, which runs from JR Nambu like Yanokuchi Station to Keio-Sagamihara like Yomiur
image for Izakaya Belami

Izakaya Belami

Izakaya Belami is situated in the 2nd and 3rdfloor of a building along with JR Nambu line Yanokuchi Station South exit. The 3rd floor is perfect for p
image for Seafood izakaya Baigetsu

Seafood izakaya Baigetsu

This is Inagi’s hidden hot place. It’s policy is to serve delicious food with lower price and more beautifully.
The master is trying to make this rest
image for Nagomiya


Nagomiya serves local sake and shochu from all over Japan and directly delivered seafood and meat dishes that you will certainly admire the taste. It’
image for Kushi-yaki Yumaru

Kushi-yaki Yumaru

If you wish to eat good Kushi-yaki in Inagi City Daimaru, go directly to this Kushi yaki restaurant. You can try chicken skin, heart, kotune, Kashira,
image for El Cielo


El Cielo is proud of it’s natural and healthy ice-cream made with organic fruits and vegetables. No coloring and aromatic preparations for food are ad
image for Boulangerie Maison Yuki

Boulangerie Maison YUKI

This is a super popular bakery in Inagi. Plenty of sweet home baked bread such like curry bread and cream bread are looked for!
Boulangerie Maison Yuk
image for SATOYAMA Kitchen


Located at the middle of central arcade in Hirao area, Inagi SATOYAMA Kitchen is a pop-up kitchen car participating events and going to faculties to s
image for Ina-Kitchen


One minute walk from Inagi Station on Keio-Sagamihara line. Good atmosphere dining restaurant with master’s American furniture. Very proud of it’s piz
image for GG-no-Shippo (GG's tale)

GG-no-Shippo (GG's tale)

In the middle of Hirao Central Street, GG-no-Shippo is opened in one corner of a closed gas station. You can enjoy European food such as pasta and cur