Inagi’s recommendation

Inagi’s recommendation

image for Pear Juice from Inagi

Pear Juice from Inagi

Pears grew up in Inagi has been made into 100% juice that you can never find elsewhere. You’ll be surprised to taste the real straight pear juice…!

image for Nashinosuke dorayaki

Nashinosuke dorayaki

Inagi is a secret pear village where pear farmers give all their efforts for the harvest season. This precious pear turned into dorayaki sweets, calle
image for Mametama Tofu

Mametama Tofu

In all the process to pickle soy beans and to simmer mashed soy beans, Inagi’s natural water is used. It’s a small, easy to eat egg shaped tofu. This
image for Inagi d'amande

Inagi d'amande

Based on French traditional recipe with rich almond, Inagi d’amande is small size sweets added Inagi’s pear as it’s accent.
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image for Inagi Nashi no mi (Inagi pear fruit)

Inagi Nashi no mi (Inagi pear fruit)

Pear shaped sweets with special bean paste and simmered pear fruits, carefully baked one by one.

image for Inagi pear wine

Inagi pear wine

Wine made from Inagi’s special pear called “Inagi”. To keep the pear’s taste, the alcohol is as low as 6% so that everyone can enjoy. Recommended as a
image for Inagi no sato

Inagi no sato

Inagi no sato is a box of fresh soba noodle and dip soup set. It is made without adding any conservatory nor chemical spice. The soba noodle is made f
image for Pear Cake

Pear Cake

After drying Inagi’s pear to make it more tasty aromatic, dipped it into the original pear juice so that you can enjoy the crunchy texture of this bak
image for Blueberry rice cake

Blueberry rice cake

Blueberries grew up with Inagi’s sunshine and water, and especially with deep affection of the producers are made into sweet blueberry paste and put i
image for Inagi's Raspberry ice-cream

Inagi's Raspberry ice-cream

While raspberries are very rare in Japan, this ice-cream is made from Inagi’s local raspberry. Sweet and sour raspberry best matches with fresh yogurt