About Inagi City

About Inagi City

Inagi City is situated at the East end of South Tama area in Tokyo Prefecture. Kawasaki City of Kanagawa Prefecture is on it’s South-East, while Fuchu City and Chofu City is on the other side of Tama River at the North, and Tama City comes on the west.

From Mid Tokyo of Shinjuku, it is about 25km to the South-West (139degrees 30′ 29″ East Longitude, 35degrees 38′ 5″ North latitude), around 5.3km from East to West, from South to the North, measuring 17.97k㎡, in the shape of triangle with one hedge along the Tama River on the North.

At the South, there are Tama mountains that are as low as 45-80m (the highest summit is 162m),  along Tama River. At the center of the city, runs Misawa River and it divides the city into two areas which are North-west and South-east. Yato River is also running from North-west to South-east in Oomaru area.

By train

Keio line

From Shinjuku Station to Keio Yomiuri Land Station, Inagi Station, Wakabadai Station (about 30 minutes on Keio Sagamighara line)

From Hashimoto Station to Wakabadai Station, Inagi Station, Keio Yomiuri Land Station (about 20 minutes on Keio Sagamihara line)

Nambu line

From Kawasaki Station to Yanokuchi Station, Inaginaganuma Station, Minami-Tama Station (about 40 minutes on JR Nambu line)

From Tachikawa Station to Minami-Tama Station, Inaginaganuma Station, Yanokuchi Station (about 20 minutes on JR Nambu line)

By car

From the Tokyo direction Central Highway from the Metropolitan Expressway (Inagi Interchange Use)
From the direction of Yamanashi and Hachioji towards the central highway (Fuchu Smart Interchange use)